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Best ScreenLocker for Nokia 5230 version 2.02

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This application enhances the screen lock mode with such features as displaying a clock and actual information on messages and missed calls, as well as playing a sound while the screen locking status changes.

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If the screen is locked, pressing any key will bring up the Lock Screen. Another press of any key will hide it.

The Lock Screen of the application allows to quickly see the time or check if there are any new messages or missed calls.

If you add the device Lock/Unlock key into the list of "Full unlock keys", the following behaviour will take place: when the Unlock key is pressed, the lock mode is turned off; when any other key is pressed, the Lock Screen is displayed showing current time and other information.

Main features:

  • The Lock Screen displaying the current time, the number of missed calls and unread messages;
  • Ability to customize the background color and the image for the Lock Screen;
  • Playing a sound on lock/unlock;
  • Service starts automatically upon device start-up;
  • Easy to use intuitive user interface;

The image you created and used as background is stored in the following public folder \Smartphoneware\ScreenLocker\ on the disk where the application is installed. If you uninstall the software and do not wish to use this image anywhere else, you can remove it with the standard system application "File Manager".

Main view

Main view

The Main view represents the general menu for the application and easy access to other application views. Any item in this view can be opened by clicking joystick on it.



This view allows customizing the Lock Screen, the sound on lock/unlock etc...

Lock Screen

Lock Screen

The view appearing upon pressing any key in locked mode.

How to start:

  • To activate the service, select the first item in the main application view and click on it;
  • Customize application settings;


  • Lock timeout - the idle time before the screen is automatically locked;
  • Relock timeout - the time before the screen returns to locked mode from Lock Screen;
  • Full unlock keys - if your device has a dedicated Lock/Unlock key, add it to the "Full unlock keys" list. This will allow quickly unlocking the screen bypassing the Lock Screen;
  • Keep lock screen - allows displaying the backlit Lock Screen while the phone is connected to the charger;
  • Background type - Color or Bitmap and color;
  • Background color;
  • Background image;
  • Image size - Full screen or Fit screen;
  • Sound on lock;
  • Sound on unlock;
  • Sound volume - depends on the ringing volume of the currently active profile.

15-days fully functional demo version

File: screenlocker_s60_5x_s3_v_2_02_sw.sisx Download size: 507.68 KB File format: SISX (Symbian installation) Target platforms: Nokia 5230, S60 5th edition Languages: English, German, Russian, Chinese
sisx file

15-days fully functional demo version

File: Download size: 506.81 KB File format: ZIP Target platforms: Nokia 5230, S60 5th edition Languages: English, German, Russian, Chinese
zip file

You are downloading 15 days trial version. Trial version has full functionality but it's time limited.

How to install

  • You can download .SIS or .SISX (installation file) file to your mobile and execute it to start installation of the application.

  • You can download the file to your desktop PC. Then connect PC to your phone and transfer the installation file. Execute it to start installation. If you selected to download .zip file you should unzip it first.

  • You can download the file to your desktop PC and just execute it to start installation of the application on your phone if you have Nokia PC Suite installed.

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Last updated:2010-10-11


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